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The Story of Algorhythm

Algorhythm is a cooperative impact science organization that combines social science, outcome measurement, next generation analytics and technology, to place highly accurate and actionable insights into the hands of social change agents. Algorhythm grows out of our team’s collective work to help nonprofit organizations, philanthropies and for-profit impact companies use data to strengthen their social change strategies. We are a group of social impact evaluators, researchers and leaders who believe in the power of effective evaluation. We have seen how high-quality outcome measurement empowers leaders to grow their impact. We are also a team of experienced “front line” change agents. And it is here – at the point of intervention and/or presenting situation – where we believe that the insights of evaluation have yet to play a pivotal role…until now! Algorhythm puts insights into the hands of the right people at the right time to inform individual decisions from the ground up.

The Innovation of Algorhythm

We have developed an innovative, comprehensive and cost-effective solution that meets the evaluative learning needs of leaders, while at the same time meeting the real-time decision-making needs of the situational change agent. At the heart of this solution is what we are calling, “impact analytics.” Impact analytics is a set of social science methods and data technologies for delivering a combination of descriptive analytics, alongside cutting-edge predictive analytics and groundbreaking prescriptive analytics, delivered to hands-on change agents through real-time, interactive communication. Algorhythm is driven by the audacious goal to deliver cost-effective impact analytics solutions that provide a birds-eye, summative view of outcomes and what worked, alongside a ground-level and prospective view of what will likely happen and options about what to do next.

Products and Services

  • Discover more about how your organization can make a greater impact by mining your existing data. Algorhythm uses impact analytics – descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics – including leveraging the latest statistical modeling and machine learning/artificial intelligence algorithms, to demonstrate outcomes, and identify insights and solutions to improve outcomes. Learn More

  • Algorhythm builds assessment and guidance tools that provide change agents with the insights that they need to make critical and timely decisions on a presenting case, need, situation, proposal and/or opportunity. Learn More

  • Algorhythm builds evaluation reporting systems that synthesize and present findings on outcomes, program quality and cost-effectiveness (cost-per-outcome), while dynamically applying impact analytics to identify and present high-probability course corrections that will achieve the greatest results. Learn More

  • Algorhythm builds complete Impact Learning Systems that provide Situational Assessment and Guidance Tools, Dynamic Evaluation Reporting Systems and iterative Impact Data Mining services to dynamically adapt and improve the system over time. Learn More

How do we do it?

Algorhythm focuses on gathering, building and growing reliable and valid data that measure what we can actually change.

There is a lot of data out there. Much of it cannot be acted upon because a majority of the data are traits, characteristics and statuses that are difficult or impossible to change — for example, ethnicity, race, gender, education level, socioeconomic status, geographic location, etc. If we learn that these variables predict an outcome, what can we really do? Decide to help, yes or no? Screen? Profile? Or worst case scenario, justify our prejudices?

The key point is that we cannot change these variables easily. What we really need are “actionable” data! These data are measures of the quantity and quality of interventions, strategies, services, exchanges and experiences. They must capture perceptions, feelings and stories, and not just hard, objective, sensory data. These are the measures where real-world, applicable solutions can be found. These are the snapshots of what is happening, with whom things are happening, the social interactions, the exchange processes, the experiences and the perceptions that shape one’s future. Change agents need this actionable data in order to put together the best solution for spurring a new behavior or habit, altering someone’s trajectory or helping guide people to a better path.

Algorhythm has developed an innovative method that we call “impact analytics,” where we apply descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics to help leaders evaluate social solutions while at the same time providing hands-on change agents with predictive insights and high-probability solution options.

Our analytics are ground up rather than top down. We begin our analytics work in service to the hands-on change agent, using predictive analytics to build models that determine the likelihood of an outcome, followed by prescriptive analytics to build models that identify all of the solution options to maximize success. Our descriptive analytics work is in service to leaders and managers, creating a birds-eye view of what happened, what significant results or outcomes were achieved, for whom, and how well the whole group of change agents did to help people find their pathways to success. Additionally, as data grow, Algorhythm reruns its impact analytics in order to evolve existing predictive and prescriptive models to insure that solution options keep up with the very real changes that are happening in the lives and environments of those being served.

Algorhythm builds technology tools and systems that rapidly deliver evaluative feedback to big picture decision-makers and real-time insights to hands-on change agents.

Delivering descriptive reports long after the work has happened will not lead to rapid adaptation that significantly advances impact. Big picture leaders and managers need dynamic, “when I need it,” evaluative feedback to make plan modifications, design changes and course corrections. Hands-on change agents need insights in real time in order to facilitate the impact work. As such, Algorhythm puts together light-touch, user-friendly technology solutions that deliver precise – nothing more, nothing less – answers and insights, when and to whom they are needed most.

Partner With Us

Algorhythm facilitates the crowdfunding of initial builds of systems. Where possible, we seek out and solicit similar organizations that might be willing to pool resources with others to develop shared impact analytics tools and systems. These solutions can make some allowances for minor customizations, as well as ensure confidentiality and the firewalling of data and findings.

Do you have peers and colleagues within your professional community, field, industry, strategy or program type with whom you engage to discuss best practices, outcomes or impact? Would they be interested in developing a shared outcome measurement and impact analytics system? Let’s discuss how to make this happen — contact us, info@algorhythm.io

Algorhythm encourages its potential clients who want to build impact analytics solutions to consider becoming a business partner, scaling partner and/or investor. When a client desires to create a new analytics tool, system and/or solution, there is an upfront cost – albeit not more than the cost of a typical evaluation.

When a new tool or system could be used by other impact organizations, Algorhythm can work with first builders to create win-win partnerships, where our partner organization(s) receive(s) a negotiated social and/or financial return on their investment. If you would you like to become an Algorhythm partner — contact us, info@algorhythm.io

Algorhythm seeks to partner with researchers, evaluators and leaders who would like to apply impact analytics to their data to discover insights, and perhaps build technology solutions to put those insights into action for themselves and others.

Do you have data in jail that could be hiding impact solutions? Do you have survey or assessment tools, perhaps with data, that others could benefit from? Do you have research, evaluation or other study data that you’d like to see what could be learned by applying impact analytics? We can help you find insights, and help your insights help others — contact us, info@algorhythm.io

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