iLearning Systems

Be a part of a peer network that shares data to improve your field by joining an impact learning system!

  • Measure the outcomes that matter most using reliable, valid metrics

  • Understand strengths and challenges of beneficiaries before a program begins

  • Use findings to improve your program design and delivery

  • Access on-demand reports, including benchmarks and individualized recommendations

Join an iLearning Network

Grants Assessment

For grantmakers to assess all grantees within one or more grant portfolios based on research- and evidence-based practices

Nonprofit Capacity Building

For organizations and businesses providing strategy consulting, technical assistance, technical support, workshops and training, and coaching to nonprofits

Senior Centers

For senior centers to design, plan and evaluate their programs to maintain and improve the health and social outcomes of seniors


For organizations that build the social sector’s capacity to recruit, retain and effectively manage volunteers

Juvenile Justice

For government and nonprofit service providers to accurately assess the risk of recidivism for youth involved in the justice system, as well as provide dynamic prescriptive solutions that decrease recidivism risk

Ideas for Another Field?

Algorhythm partners with social impact organizations, funders, and field leaders to build impact learning systems. If you are interested in building an iLearning System with us, please get in touch

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