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Commissioned by Youth INC and News Corp, “The Art & Science of Effective Youth Programs” is a practical manual based on findings from a large-scale collective impact study conducted by Algorhythm.

Through our Youth Development Impact Learning System (YDiLS), Algorhythm mined data from 27 organizations, 80 programs, and more than 3,000 youth, using cutting-edge analytics to understand the various “recipes” that drive success for young people in out-of-school programs.

Our analysis revealed 13 “positive deviant” programs that significantly outperformed their peers, achieving twice the gains in social emotional learning! This manual shares the organizational and program practices that generated that impact.

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Algorhythm builds online assessment and evaluation tools to ignite learning and strengthen social impact.


Nonprofit Capacity Building

The Impact Capacity Assessment Tool is an organizational assessment, planning and evaluation tool for those that strengthen nonprofits.

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Youth Development

The YD iLearning System is an assessment, planning and evaluation tool for those that run, fund and support youth development programs.

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Custom Data Solutions

Algorhythm provides predictive data mining services and builds custom data-analytics software applications for social impact organizations.

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