We are very pleased to announce that Ken Berger, former President and CEO of Charity Navigator, is joining Algorhythm as its new managing director.

At Charity Navigator – the largest charity rating agency in the world – Berger led the organization’s’ effort to move its rating system away from a primary emphasis on overhead, toward measuring how charities report on the results of their work, especially outcomes. He also spoke frequently before the media and within the philanthropic sector on matters of concern to the sector.

Algorhythm is dedicated to fostering greater social impact through data-driven decision-making. Algorhythm has built a technology platform that, for the first time, makes it possible for any nonprofit organization, funder and donor to predict, evaluate, report and learn from the actual number of lives they have improved. Ken will play a crucial role in expanding Algorhythm’s reach to new groups of nonprofits, social businesses, funders and investors.

“Ken and I have worked together for years, in collaborative working groups as well as presenting before nonprofits and funders. I have always been moved by his sector leadership on the importance of measuring what really matters – the improvements in the lives of those being served. Ken also shares with all of Algorhythm’s founders a deep, meaningful and ever-present history of frontline service (he spent 30 years in various leadership positions of human service and health care nonprofit organizations), and all that it really takes to move the impact needles. This ‘real-world’ grounding is so centrally important to the quality of what we are doing here at Algorhythm. We have always shared the same vision and values for where the sector needs to go, and now we have an exciting opportunity to work together toward the common goal of helping nonprofits become better at what they do.”

“While I was at Charity Navigator, many nonprofit leaders would ask me, ‘How can we possibly build the kind of performance management systems that are required to do a better job and satisfy our funders?’,” said Ken during our discussions about working together. “When I learned about the work of Algorhythm, I came to the conclusion that you all had truly ‘cracked the code’ and are filling a need for nonprofits of all sizes. Joining forces is the logical next step for me, as we continue our work to transform the nonprofit sector.”

Ken intends to continue writing and speaking about issues that are of concern to nonprofits and funders (individual, foundation, corporate and government) alike. He also expects to keep up with his blog, Ken’s Commentary, and carry on with speaking frequently before the philanthropic community about what he calls “The Battle for the Soul of the Social Sector”.

Ken can now be reached at ken@algorhythm.io.