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The Youth Development Impact Learning System is an assessment, planning and evaluation tool for youth development programs that integrate social and emotional learning.

Social & Emotional Learning: The Key to Thriving

The Youth Development Impact Learning System measures and reports on six social and emotional learning capacities. These outcomes have been proven to contribute to longer-term gains such as thriving, decreased risk-taking behaviors, and increased academics. If you are moving the needle on these social-emotional outcomes, you can feel confident that your program is contributing to young people’s long-term success.


A youth’s ability to make choices, take positive risks and persist through life’s challenges.

Social Skills

A youth’s ability to take others’ perspectives into consideration, as well as express caring and empathy.


A youth’s capacity to give energy and time to help their family, community and society.

Positive Identity

A youth’s internal sense of positive self-worth and self-efficacy as they explore who they are.

Academic Self-Efficacy

A youth’s motivation and confidence in their academic performance.

Social Capital

A youth’s positive bonds with people who can provide advice, counsel and access to what they need to succeed.

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How It Works

1. Easily Collect Program Data

After you follow our easy steps to create a program profile in the Youth Development Impact Learning System (YDiLS), the system automatically generates youth and staff surveys tailored to your program. Even better, surveys are available in hard-copy AND in a mobile-friendly, human-friendly online format!

2. Our Algorithms Crunch Your Data

As soon as your surveys are entered in the YDiLS, powerful predictive algorithms process them in real time. These algorithms are informed by expert research on youth development and social and emotional learning, as well as the entire iLearning database, continuously learning as more youth and programs enter the system.

3. Run Your Report

We kid you not (pun intended!), online reports are available immediately after surveys are entered. You can run reports on select groups of youth, specific program sites, or entire programs. And you can share your reports with your staff, peer organizations, and supporters/funders as statistical proof that your programs are having a significant impact.

Our staff have never felt more connected with our program. Now they deeply understand what actually works.
Riel Peerbooms, Trail Blazers Camp
Youth Development Organization Executive Director
Algorhythm’s Impact Learning System makes evaluation and program measurement accessible to grassroots organizations.
Katrina Huffman, Youth Inc
Funder of Youth Development Capacity Building
The value of this system is that it is affordable and based on solid research. The Youth Development iLearning System not only helps programs evaluate their work with youth and to continue improving it, but inspires field-wide learning.
Anne Lawrence, The Robert Bowne Foundation
Funder of Youth Development Programs

Join a Growing Community

The Youth Development Impact Learning System has been used in 20 states by over 260 programs and 10,000 youth.


Individual Nonprofit Plan

  • Assess, plan for, and evaluate up to 75 youth
  • Add additional youth for a reduced cost
  • Receive pre- and post-program youth assessment findings
  • View statistically-valid and reliable outcome findings
  • Receive data-driven, evidence-based recommendations to improve your programs

Group Plan

  • Ideal for funders, capacity building organizations, and regional/national nonprofits
  • Assess up to 5 organizations, 75 youth per organization
  • Includes all features of the Individual Nonprofit Plan
  • Share information about outcomes, cost-per-outcome and an assessment of program practices
  • Receive understandable, actionable, data-driven feedback tailored to each nonprofit

Custom Plans

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  • Assess, plan for, and evaluate many more youth at a reduced rate
  • Download and share your data
  • Connect data to your existing data management system
  • Advance thought leadership with access to state, regional and national data
86% of youth made significant gains in their positive youth development score which is linked to long-term thriving. 86% PERCENT OF YOUTH ACHIEVING SUCCESS

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